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The Theory of Monetary Policy, Then and Now

Links to Consider, 12/30

Two Forms of Political Order

Proposed Republican Platforms

Book Discussion January 11

Links to Consider, 12/27

Social Learning Strategies

Links to Consider, 12/25

Drug Company Profits

Government does not stay Limited

Kling on Econtalk

Discussion on January 9: Class Conflict or Gender Conflict?

The FBI and Twitter

Dunbar's Number

Links to Consider, 12/19

Choose Your Dogma Carefully

Links to Consider, 12/17

Trust and Accountability

Links to Consider, 12/15

Links to Consider, 10/14

Is the AI alignment problem a cybersecurity problem?

UPDATE: More of My Business Lessons

From Web 1.0 to Today

Razib Khan and Garett Jones

Links to consider, 12/10

The Main Routine

Links to Consider, 12/8

The Loss of Jeffrey Friedman

AI has trouble recognizing me

Links to Consider, 12/5

What About Israel?

Can Price Discrimination Save Twitter?

Book discussion on Wednesday

Links to Consider, 12/2

Topic for Monday

FTX vs. Amazon

Austin meet-up

Image Manipulation and Reputation Management

Links to Consider 11/29

Judaism or Marxism?

Links to Consider, 11/27

On Feminism

Links to Consider, 11/25

I Can Get Annoyed

Links to Consider, 11/23

Crypto and other New Faiths

Links to Consider, 11/21

The Future of Crypto

Links to Consider, 11/19

Economic Models for Twitter

Links to Consider, 11/18

Visiting Boston and Austin

Elite Academia's Cuckoo's Nest

SBF and the two-way street of deception

The Government as a Crypto Scammer

Against Top-Down Macro

Links from Across the Pond, 11/13

Is Anti-Intellectualism a Problem?

Live Meetings on Sundays this week and next

The Issue of Censorship

Links to Consider, 11/10

The Fiscal Inflation Predicament

Two-Week Top Ten

Links to Consider, 11/7

Our Weird Economy

Links to Consider, 11/5

Time change Monday night

The Fed Isn't Dead

Links to Consider, 11/3

From Keynes to PSST

Links to Consider, 11/1

Richard Hanania's Theory of the Culture War

Links to Consider, 10/30

Macroeconomics and Bull Hockey

The Truss Fiasco: Various Takes

Sunday afternoon for paid subscribers

Links to consider, 10/27

Mathematical Models in Economics

COVID back in the day

last minute room change

Links to Consider, 10/24

Book Discussion October 24

Cars, Bikes, and Cities

Tyler Cowen on the New Right

Break up the United States!

Links to Consider, 10/20

Albion's Seed, Special Providence, and now, 10/19

The Weak Case for Democracy

Reminder Wednesday afternoon discussion

Links to Consider, 10/17

Markets Fail. . .And Libertarianism Still Works, 10/16

Tomorrow Belongs to the Woke

Links to Consider, 10/14

Ben Bernanke's 2007 Summary of His Views

Links to Consider, 10/12

Affiliation Drives Theory

My Grouchy Reaction to the 2022 Nobel

Ed West on Political Differences, 10/10

...And Everybody Hates the Libertarians, 10/9

Links to Consider, 10/8

How We Choose Our Beliefs

Links to Consider, 10/6

Join a Book Discussion on 10/19

Hear what you're missing

Links to Consider, 10/4

What's Up With British Interest Rates?

Finance and Risk

Links to Consider, 10/1

Doctors, Science, and Vaccine, 9/30

Is the Inflation Surge Over?

Bank Profits

Links to Consider, 9/28

Will Leo Grande be a cultural turning point? 9/27

A Screeching Halt?

Links to Consider

Bare-Knuckle Politics, 9/24

Upward-mobility Grants, 9/23

Links to consider, 9/22

Score Settling on COVID

Register for no-cost panel discussion of Russ Roberts' Latest Book

How House Prices and Rents Relate

State of the Economy Discussion

Links to Consider, 9/19

Designing Studies for COVID Treatments, 9/18

Links to Consider, 9/17

Will America Profit from Europe's Misery? 9/16

Links to Consider

Energy and Economic Growth

Links to Consider

Bret Weinstein and Steve Patterson on the Scientific Method

The U.S. Labor Market and Inflation

Links to consider, 9/10

Why does Evolution use a Mixed Strategy? 9/9

Link for Monday's Zoom event

The Latest Book From Russ Roberts, 9/8

Links to Consider, 9/7

Internet History and Substacks' Future

Moral Entitlement

Links to Consider, 9/4

The Analog to Spotify,9/3

How Programmers Win in Business

Links to Consider, 9/1

How a Business Wins

Research Questions for Economists

Kevin Erdmann on House Prices and Rents, 8/29

Links to Consider, 8/28

Having Rich Friends, 8/27

Robin Hanson to join our Zoom Monday

Paid Subscriber Event

Links to Consider, 8/25

Commodity Prices and the Case for Markets

Reminder: Tomorrow join Max, Martin, and me on Balaji

Has Everyone Forgotten the Economics of Exhaustible Resources?

Links to Consider, 8/22

Watch the Swiss

My Recent Reading, 8/20

Links to Consider, 8/19

IDW has-beens? 8/18

Join me next Wednesday

Stretching the Definition of Capital, 8/17

Some Links to Consider

Test your economic knowledge

An Education in Price Discrimination

When Economic Giants Roamed the Earth, 8/13

Why I am not a Fan of Donald Trump, 8/12

Some Links to Consider, 8/11

Gay Rights and Wrongs, 8/10

We Tax Behavior, Not People 8/9

Francis Fukuyama has a Wish, 8/8

Some Links to Consider, 8/7

Economic Activity has been Increasing, 8/6

Perry Mehrling on Money and Crypto, 8/5

Keeping up with the FITs, 8/4

Four Folkways and Liberty, 8/3

The Network State

Crisis of Abundance, 8/1

Can Academic Economics be Saved? 7/31

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/31

Monday evening discussion

What Should GDP Measure? 7/29

The Carbon Calculation Problem, 7/28

Allison Schrager's Substack Finds, 7/27

Peter Thiel on Child Care and GDP, 7/26

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/25

Allison Schrager Zoom Event

DEI Leads to Racism, 7/24

TLP, then and now, 7/23

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/22

Notes from Virginia Postrel Discussion, 7/21

Impact Markets: The Annoying Concept, 7/20

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/19

Reminder Virginia Postrel conversation tonight

Macroeconomics is Irregular, 7/18

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/17

Unsustainable Sri Lanka, 7/16

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/15

"Coalition of the Sane" 7/14

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/13

Deceivers, Skeptics, and Enablers, 7/12

Two upcoming Zoom events

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/10

Hansonian Education? 7/9

Questions about Human Ecology, 7/8

Road to Sociology Watch, 7/7

My Review of Zeihan

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/5

Donald Trump vs. the Deep State, 7/4

Keeping up with the FITs, 7/3

Wish for Order Watch, 7/2

Keeping up with the FITs and comments, 7/1

Things, People, and Symbols, 6/30

Three Central Banks Watch, 6/29

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/28

Our Peter Zeihan Discussion

Milton Friedman's Macroeconomic Legacy, 6/27

Accountability and Authority, 6/26

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/25

On Amway and Crypto, 6/24

Book discussion of Peter Zeihan this coming Monday; and Boston meetup?

Alcohol, Drugs, Homelessness and Crime, 6/23

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/22

Want to discuss Peter Zeihan's latest book?

Ecib 101 vs, Gasoline rebates, 6/21

Culture Shifting into Reverse? 6/20

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/19

The New Thing: San Francisco Reality, 6/18

The New Thing: Economic Reality, 6/17

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/16

What Triggers Your Moral Ire? 6/15

The Kavanaugh Aftermath, 6/14

Drain the Swamp, 6/13

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/12

Three Central Banks Watch, 6/11

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/10

Live on Saturday: The Wish for Order

Road to Sociology Watch, 6/9

Investor Heuristics vs. Economic Reality, 6/9

Talent vs. Feminization, 6/7

Networks and Social Capital, 6/6

Keeping up with the Comments, 6/5

Keeping up with the FITs, 6/4

Peter Zeihan on Energy Markets, 6/3

Finance: The Tug-o'-War Model, 6/2

Government and Cost Disease, 6/1

Learning from My Employment Experiences, 5/31

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/30

Listen to the (need for) Science, 5/29

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/28

Michael Saylor is ba-a-a-ck, 5/28

The Surveillance Solution, 5/26

The Three Central Banks, 5/25

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/24

Virginia Postrel has a Substack, 5/23

Cowen and Gross ask questions, 5/22

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/21

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/20

Is the Fed going bankrupt? 5/19

Beware of Buying the Dips, 5/18

The Science is Unsettled, 5/18

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/17

Show Your Work, 5/16

Recent Deficits as Wartime Finance, 5/15

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/14

Gender Gap Watch, 5/13

Current Developments in U.S. Financial Markets

Genius Stifled, 5/12

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/11

Kamala Harris and Affirmative Action, 5/10

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/9

White Paper for Network-Based Higher Ed, 5/8

Those who can't, become educrats, 5/7

Abortion Laws, Then and Now, 5/6

Talkin' 'Bout My Generation, 5/6

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/5

Job Search Advice, 5/4

The next Ayn Rand? 5/3

Keeping up with the FITs, 5/2

Pessimism from a finance geek, 5/1

Michael Lind vs. NWW, 4/30

Sanctions strengthen the dollar? 4/30

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/29

What is the Floor for Stock Prices?, 4/28

The Internet Impossibility Theorem, 4/27

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/26

Reminder for tonight

Defund, Dismantle, Decentralize, 4/25

The Crisis of Epistemology, Con't 4/24

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/23

Book Discussion: Violence and Social Orders

How Should College Work? 4/22

Inflation and Capital Gains Taxes, 4/21

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/20

DC and LA, 4/19

Classic Social Theory: North, Weingast, and Wallis, 4/18

April 25: Decentralized Finance

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/17

Whatever became of the IDW, 4/16

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/15

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/14

Investment Advice, 4/13

Political Economy and Bitcoin, 4/12

Philanthropy Makes Me Angry, 4/11

ESG makes Peter Thiel angry, 4/10

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/9

Poor in Food, Rich in Bits, 4/8

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/7

I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional, 4/6

War in the 21st century, 4/5

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/4

Dear Econ Major, 4/3

Tribalism with Instant Global Communication, 4/2

Keeping up with the FITs, 4/1

City of Angels, 3/31

Keeping up with the FITs 3/30

The Revival of the Liberal Order, 3/29

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/28

What Did I Learn? 3/27

For our fourth seminar on financial institutions

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/26

Some World War II History, 3/26

What Went Wrong? 3/24

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/23

The Trouble with Financial Innovation, 3/22

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/21

Mortgages and Inflation, 3/20

Grad School Days, 3/19

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/18

Destabilizing the Dollar, 3/17

Elites, but with Checks and Turnover, 3/16

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/15

Seminar update, 3/14

Our Collective Amygdala, 3/13

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/12

Bob Gibson and Park Effects, 3/11

The Economic Consequences of the War, 3/10

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/9

Puritans and Scots-Irish, 3-8

John Cochrane on the Helicopter Drop, 3/7

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/6

Safe Haven No More, 3/5

Upcoming Seminar on Financial Institutions

Mr. Trump at 2022 CPAC last week, 3/4

Twitter-Mob Diplomacy, 3/3

Keeping up with the FITs, 3/2

Conversation with Tyler

Allies and Ostracism, 2/28

How I Approach Social Change, 2/27

Dissent, Crime, and Access to Banking, 2/26

Monday evening Zoom event

Ukraine and Russia

Keeping up with the FITs, 2/24

A Primer on Pyramid Schemes, 2/23

Kurt Gray on Moral Psychology, 2/22

Keeping up with the FITs, 2/21

The Convergence Assumption 2/20

Reminder of Zoom event Monday night

Pining for the 20th Century, 2/19

Keeping up with the FITs, 2/18

Neoliberal Welfare Policy for the U.S. 2/17

NIMBY on Bike Lanes, 2/16

Keeping up with the FITs, 2-15

The Null Hypothesis and School Closures, 2/14

Progressivism vs. Dynamism, 2/13

Intersectional Privilege, 2/12

Keeping up with the FITs, 2-11

Upcoming Zoom events for paid subscribers

Real Wealth and Paper Wealth, 2/10

My Thoughts on an Alt-Academy, 2/9

Government wants unrestrained power, 2/8

Keeping up with the FITs, 2/7

Were the Beatles Just Lucky? 2/6

Wokeism Will not be Defeated Politically, 2/5

Keeping up with the FITs, 2/4

Public Health Midwits, 2/3

Kling and Robert Wright, 2/2

In Defense of Whoopi Goldberg

The Midwit Hypothesis, 2/1

Men, Women, and the Rules of Competition, 1/31

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/30

The Rube Goldberg Fed, 1/29

Aphorisms about Financial Markets, 1/28

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/27

The Future of the Right? 1/26

Too Much Dynamism? 1/25

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/24

Some Health Economics for Scott Alexander, 1/23

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/22

PSST: About Supply and Demand, 1/21

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/20

A Savings Multiplier? 1/19

Servants to the Rich, 1/18

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/17

Gurri the Younger on Reforming Government, 1/16

Government is not a Business, 1/15

Keeping up with the Fits, 1/14

Lawfare Against Misinformation 1/13

Christopher Rufo, pro and con, 1/12

Keeping up with the FITs, 1/11

The Elizabeth Holmes Jury, 1/10

Should Congress Take Charge? 1/9

Keeping up with the FITs, 1-8

Women Meet, Men Re-org, 1-7

Get rid of all competition? 1-6

Keeping up with the FITs, 1-5

Seminar on Financial Institutions

On The Constitution of Knowledge, 1/4

Our Conversation with Zvi Mowshowitz

State Capacity and Accountability, 1/3

Keeping up with the FITs 1/2

Would Friction Improve Social Media? 1/1/2022

Live Events for Paid Subscribers on Monday