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This newsletter will appear daily. Most editions will be short blog posts. Some will be longer essays. Every few days I will post links to other writers, with brief excerpts and my own comments. I have broad interests, but increasingly my posts are applied economics, plus some sociology and psychology, as informed by my experience with different types of business organizations.

The written content here is free. I have live events over Zoom that are for paid subscribers only. I am trying to build up to one live event per week. The usual time is Monday evening, 8 PM NY time.

I have been active on the Internet since 1994, when I started one of the first Web-based businesses. I have been blogging since 1999, when that business was sold. In a prior life, I worked at Freddie Mac, and before that at the Fed. I was born in 1954, so you can tell how old I am. A lot of my writing these days is an attempt to pass along what I have learned, both from reading other economists and from my business experience.

Ironically, of all of the books that I have written, the most successful was The Three Languages of Politics, which is not about economics. It was an early diagnosis of the polarized futility of contemporary political conversations.

This newsletter began as an attempt to promote a new method for ranking public intellectuals. If you go back to some of the earliest posts, you can see that method described. Since then, Substack has grown and evolved, mostly in a good direction. I am trying to adapt to fit in with the overall ecosystem as it evolves. Also in the archives, you can find a proposal for a network-based university.

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Arnold Kling earned his Ph.D in economics from MIT in 1980. He worked at the Fed and later at Freddie Mac. In 1994, he started one of the first businesses on the Web, selling it in 1999. He writes at arnoldkling.substack.com