Good seminar, good notes. Yuval implied, after the big intro, that the elite - non-elite political language differences are different than your 3 languages; I was thinking that would be a bigger focus.

It was good to emphasize that elite institutions are performing badly. To me, they're full of dishonesty and hypocrisy, but various specifics, like Obama's use of the IRS against Tea Party conservatives, weren't a focus. I would have liked more specifics to illustrate generalities (rather than caveats to the generalities and more generality explanation).

The ability of the internet to let those engaged in politics be more engaged was an excellent point - such voices are now louder. The idea that things will ease up in the culture war by people losing interest in it seems naive, as Woke becomes a quasi-religion and anti-Woke becomes a quasi counter-religion. US Democrats have claimed that "the personal is political", and act that way, following those they don't like into the bathroom and protesting them in restaurants and at weddings. Such "mobbing" will be increasing before it decreases.

I was hoping for more brainstorming about possible solutions, including "affirmative action" for Republicans to be hired in Universities, but that didn't come up. Yuval said his book, which I'm sorry I didn't read, covers academia more.

If Yuval's main college point is that "we need new universities" is the best solution he offers, I think that's too weak. [I'd prefer multiple lawsuits and even college bankruptcies for those advertising "diversity" but not having Republican, pro-life, pro-Christian, anti-illegal immigration professors. Wasn't part of this non-controversial discussion.]

It would be good to have other authors as guests, too, if they'd like to talk to us.

Thanks for hosting this, and starting this seminar.

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I don't expect to discuss possible solutions until close to the 8th week. I want to focus on clearly articulating the problem and how we got here.

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< they are emotionally caught up in supporting or opposing the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” legislation, but they do not know much about what is in it. >

Likewise, with Russiagate & the Horowitz Rept.

This state of affairs is outright manufactured by major MSM outfits, incl. the purportedly "intellectual" NPR.

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