Re the O'Sullivan quote on President Trump, Trump never urged "that the transfer of power be blocked." His position regarding the counting of electoral votes was that there had been a great deal of obvious fraud and that the state legislatures, which under the Constitution are the sole authority on the validity of their electoral votes, should be consulted on that question. In other words, it was their responsibility to determine their electoral votes. This had not happened because Democratic Party governors in key states had not called their legislatures back into session to make such a determination.

President Trump advocated that VP Pence send the matter back to the states for a brief period so that determination could be made. One can argue about Pence's authority to do that, but it cannot be said that President Trump urged "the transfer of power be blocked."

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Barro: May be onto something, but if he could just explain the interaction of the deficit and the Fed's supposed targeting. Until someone does, I still say the Fed just made a mistake in judging the inflation impact of its instrument settings given conditions: labor supply recovery, supply chain constraints. It know that some above average target inflation was needed on account of these ("temporary") factors, but their ex ante accommodation was too much.

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John O'Sullivan

A common explanation of Trump's appeal, but it does not answer the question of where the idea that elites believe nd feel all the things that are attributed to them comes from. Example: I cannot think of anyone that actually favors "open borders."

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One thing I find puzzling about Tyler’s view that wokeness has peaked is that he so often pairs it with the assertion that wokeness is kinda good actually and Saudia Arabia needs more wokeness on the margin. In his (very good) conversation with Brian Chau, he also seems to feel like Brian needs to become more woke.

This makes me feel that Tyler has some weird conception of what it means for wokeness to peak and that he’s actually baking in some pretty large future increases in wokeness as though they had already happened. Maybe he thinks that the elements of wokeness he happens to like will detach from the original movement and continue to fill the globe while the rest recedes and in that sense it won’t really be wokeness that has increased but liberalism. If so he’s talking about something quite different from most people debating the question.


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With regard to gender gaps, political corrrectness, and wokeness this also seems a relevent piece of information:

"The gender gap in four-year degree completion is actually wider today (15%) than it was in 1972 when Title IX was passed (13%) and @michaelshermer was in college." - https://twitter.com/RichardvReeves/status/1562875289339719681

13 percent more men than women to 15 percent more women than men over the last 50 years.

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"This type of violence is unique to humans."

More accurately, higher primates (chimpanzees, etc.).

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