Fantasy Intellectual Teams, improving social epistemology, and other random topics

Welcome to In My Tribe by me, Arnold Kling.

This newsletter will appear daily. Most editions will be short blog posts. Some will be longer essays. And many editions will be follow-ups to an aborted project that I called Fantasy Intellectual Teams. In that project, readers identified public intellectuals that they thought would score highly according to criteria I specified. I still follow those intellectuals, and thus I write “keeping up with the FITs.”

The written content here is free. In the fall of 2021 I created a seminar over Zoom which was for paid subscribers only.

As an experiment, as of mid-November I am moving my blog here. One of my achievements on the blog was getting a comment section that was not a total sewer, where readers sometimes suggested links or offered thoughts that I found helpful. I hope for the same here.